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The experience of watching movies at home has changed drastically from fuzzy VHS rentals from Blockbuster (R.I.P.).  High definition televisions paired with cutting edge audio have brought the movie going experience into homes around the world. You may even have an entire room dedicated to the finest audio/visual equipment you can get your hands on.  But home theater decor doesn't have to be limited to plush seats, remote controls and speaker wire.

So what is that perfect, final touch for your dedicated home theater? 

How about filling that open space between your surround speakers with a collectible, vintage movie poster?  Authentic movie posters are the perfect decor for the home theater. 

Original Film Art is pleased to sell original movie posters printed for use in theaters around the world with no reprints or reproductions.  We have thousands of titles and each includes a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity. 

Front-loading, snap movie frames are available at stores online and allow you to easily swap posters in minutes. Original posters come in a variety of sizes so there is bound to be a poster to fit your sense of style and your wall space.

Feel free to browse our selection of posters or feel free to contact us with any questions!

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